To make life better, to instill confidence, to provide shoulder for support in times of need, the institute has appointed two visiting counselors for providing counseling facility to students and staff. As per requirement any individual may contact the counselors in the time of need after taking an appointment. Counselors are prepared to deal with problems and issues related to stress, anxiety due to low academic grades, placement issues, low self-confidence, difficulty in mixing with others, feeling of inferiority, family or parental problems, relationship issues, emotional issues, peer pressure resulting into addiction of any kind – alcohol, drug, mobile, gaming etc. The individual will be given session(s) by the counselors and if required may be referred to the Psychiatrist (Doctor). Information shared by individual remains confidential – No information is shared with anyone. Parents will, however, be informed in case of referral or an imminent life threatening situation.

  1. Appointment can be made as per counsellor’s schedule by meeting personally.
  2. Counselors are available in the Health Centre as per following schedule:

Mrs. Sherrain Rattan      Thursday  4.00 to 6.00 pm

 Mrs. Harpreet Kaur        Saturday   3.00 pm to 05.00 pm

  1. Counselors also visit different hostels from time to time or as per requirement.